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Lender Ratings & Verdict

TFS Loans scores 4.7 out of 5 based on 100 reviews on Feefo. This score puts TFS Loans in the middle of the guarantor lender rating spectrum. They have also won a number of awards for their service and business excellence.

TFS Loans vs Other Lenders

We've chosen to show the key differences against the "typical" or "average" guarantor lender:


  • The maximum loan size of £15,000 is the largest available (only 2 other lenders can match this).
  • The rate of 29.9% APR for loans of £10,000+ is the lowest available anywhere.
  • Their representative APR of 39.9% is the lowest of all lenders.
  • Online application process is relatively fast.


  • Your guarantor must be a homeowner.

What Could Your Loan Cost You?

TFS Loans' rates start at 29.9% for loans over £10,000. At a more typical loan size of £5,000 their rate is 39.9% which is the lowest available (only one lender can match this). This calculator uses our representative APR is 39.9% to help you estimate monthly repayments.

Estimated Repayment

Monthly Payment:
Total Repayable:
Representative APR:
39.9 %

Your actual APR will depend on: your loan amount, the lender you choose, if your guarantor owns their home, etc.

Less than perfect credit accepted

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Representative Example

Borrow £3,000 for 36 months. Representative 39.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £144.16. Annual interest rate 34.05% fixed. Interest payable £2189.76. Total repayable £5,189.76.

About TFS Loans

TFS Loans was one of the early entrants to the UK guarantor loan market. They started in 2010 but really got into their stride in 2013. They are now well established and receiving good reviews from borrowers.

  • Loans from £1,000 to £15,000
  • Repay over 12 to 60 months
  • Representative APR 39.9% (fixed)

TFS Loans' Representative Example

Borrow £5,000 for 36 months. Representative 39.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £223.60. Annual interest rate 20.33% fixed. Interest payable £3,049.60. Total repayable £8,049.60.


TFS Loans FAQs


Does TFS Loans need my guarantor to own their home?


Yes, your guarantor must be a homeowner. We have plenty of other lenders where this is not the case. We have more information about non homeowner guarantors.


Does TFS charge a variable interest rate?


No, TFS Loans' interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan, which can be up to five years. This is good to know because it means you can budget with confidence. Even if general interest rates rise you won't suffer from any increase in you monthly repayments.


What is TFS Loans' APR%?


TFS's rates move on sliding scale - the more you borrow the lower the rate you will pay. On loans of £10,000 or more the rate is 29.9% APR. At a more typical loan value of £5,000 the APR is 48.9%, and for small loans of £2,500 or less the rate is 69.9%. These rates are highly competitive in the guarantor loan market. But we work with many other lenders too. Different lenders occupy the "best rate" slot at different loan values. To discover the best rate for you apply here.


How do I repay TFS Loans?


Repayments are set up using a direct debit and paid on a monthly basis. You can also make one off payments. The monthly amount you repay will be specified by TFS before you sign any agreement. You can estimate your repayments using our calculator (representative 39.9% APR) but TFS's rates work on a sliding basis - you may pay a higher or lower rate than this. If your monthly payment fails then TFS Loans will always get in touch to help resolve the problem.


What if I can't repay my TFS loan?


As with debt of any kind the first thing to do, if you are beginning to struggle with payments, is to contact TFS. They are duty bound to help look at alternative ways to ease your repayments and make them affordable. You do need to keep in mind though that you have signed an agreement with TFS. If they cannot contact you then they will contact your guarantor to help settle your account.


How will being a guarantor for a TFS loan affect me?


The search of your credit file done by TFS as part of the application process will remain on your credit file for 12 months. This will affect your credit score for this short period. Once the credit agreement is signed and the borrower starts to make their monthly repayments you should hear nothing from TFS Loans. However, if the borrower is struggling to make payments and then fails to keep in touch with TFS or defaults then you will be needed to step in. If you fail to help bring the loan up to date then this will be recorded on your credit file too.


Can my TFS loan be paid off early?


You can make one off payments with no penalty. Ordinarily these additional payments will go to shorten your loan rather than reduce future monthly payments. If you want to reduce the interest and therefore future monthly payments your extra payments must be larger than £500. If you want to pay off the entire loan early be aware that you may incur a charge of up to 58 days interest. You should contact TFS to obtain a final settlement figure before committing to early repayment. In spite of this we'd always recommend you look to pay off any debt as quickly as you can to reduce the overall interest cost.


What's the best way for me to get a TFS loan?


Well, TFS Loans are not the only lender in town. In fact there are numerous UK guarantor lenders. Our free enquiry service can tell which of the many lenders we work with could lend to you in principle - and some of these other lenders may offer lower APRs than TFS Loans for any given loan value. If you want to maximise your chances of a guarantor loan then use our enquiry service -no fees, and exactly the same deals as going direct!


Who can be my guarantor for a TFS loan?


Typically you need to find someone who knows you well enough for them to trust you - this is form of "trust-based" lending. So with this in mind your ideal guarantor is likely to be: Parents, Brothers & Sisters - Aunts & Uncles - Sons & Daughters - Grandparents - Boyfriend or Girlfriend - Work Colleagues & Friends. Typically lenders like TFS Loans aren't prepared to accept guarantors who are already financially linked to the borrower. For example if you have a spouse and own assets together (e.g. a house) or indeed have joint debts. Lenders may also reject guarantors if they have joint costs with you (e.g. you live together and share the payment of joint bills)..

How to Find TFS Loans

Office Address: Brook House, 26 Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7XJ

Office Hours

Mon -Thu: 09.00 - 18.00

Fri: 09.00 - 17.00

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Company Information

Company Registration

TFS Loans Ltd, Broom House, 39-43 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2QL. Company registration number 06542065.

FCA Registration

TFS Loans is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 724439.

ICO Data Protection Registration

TFS Loans is registered with Information Commissioner, registration number Z2072584.

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