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Credit scores versus credit ratings

What is Credit Scoring? What is a Credit Rating?

It’s easy to get confused by financial jargon, not least when it comes to credit scores, credit ratings, credit files and credit histories. Here we explain the differences.

Posted by Oliver Jones on Jul 3, 2019
Category: Credit History and Ratings

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Protecting vulnerable consumers from energy debt

How should vulnerable energy consumers be protected?

A recent report demonstrated that vulnerable consumers in the UK - those who are sick, disabled, on low incomes or are pensioners - aren’t being protected from energy debt.

Posted by Amanda Gillam on Jun 26, 2019
Category: Managing Money

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The logo of Amigo Loans who is a guarantor lender

Amigo Loans thriving as a public company

Amigo’s first results as a public company make interesting reading. Is it’s strong profitability going to attract the attention of the FCA?

Posted by Alex Hartley on Jun 20, 2019
Category: Guarantor Loans

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young borrowers who need a guarantor

In What Situations are Guarantors Needed?

It’s not just some loans that ask for a guarantor. There is a myriad of financially-related reasons why a guarantor could help you out.

Posted by Amanda Gillam on Jun 13, 2019
Category: Guarantor Loans Managing Money

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