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Solution Loans is almost certainly the most experienced online loan broker working in the UK guarantor loan market. We started in 2005 and started offering a guarantor loan application service in 2006/7. We were part of the rapid rise in the popularity of guarantor loans.

The website and the Solution Loans brand are owned by Affiniti Digital Media Ltd (company number 05180470) who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (firm reference number 726074). Affiniti is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (reference Z8703415).

We’ve seen lenders come and go. The market has matured and has become more stable. Nowadays guarantor loans are considered a mainstream credit product. And now more than ever Solution Loans is well positioned to help you find the best value guarantor loan.

What makes Solution Loans Different?

There are a number of things that make us different:

Why You should use Solution Loans to Find Your Guarantor Loan

There are other ways to find a guarantor loan, but none make sense when you think about how we can help you:

  • We probably have more guarantor lenders on our panel than most other brokers
  • Apply to all relevant lenders in one go – you’ll save lots of time
  • We’ll only show you the lenders who want to lend to you (in principle)
  • We’ll order those lenders based on the probability of lending – we aren’t swayed by commissions.
  • The deals you get via us are identical to those you would get going direct.

So, try our loan finder service. It won’t cost you a penny and you’ll probably get the loan you need a lot faster.

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